The most innovative sofa on the market

Upgrade your space with smart sectionals

Keep your living room organized

Maximize every inch of space with easy-to-access storage. No need for extra storage furniture.

Armrest storage keeps laptops, books, and snacks within easy reach — charge devices with built-in power outlets.

  • "You don’t need a separate table and storage, as this sofa includes them all."

  • "For those seeking out a way to maximize the function and form of their home."

What makes the Rezy Sofa special?

In an era of expensive real estate, every square foot matters. The Rezy Sofa creates a spacious and organized lifestyle by merging multiple furniture pieces into one smart solution.

10-Year Warranty

A decade-long promise of durability and satisfaction.

Functional Design

Every detail is thoughtfully crafted for purpose and comfort.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

A month to fall in love with the sofa, or your money back.

Designed in Canada

Innovative Canadian design, setting a new benchmark in comfort.

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4.82 /5

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Take the leap

I have wanted this couch for quite some time, and I was finally able to splurge and get it. Having it cost as much as it does, I was really on the fence with buying it without being able to try it. Not knowing if this is a gimmick or a scam, or if the couch is comfortable? But I finally took the leap of faith and ordered it. I was nervous the whole time waiting for it to come in, anxious too because I was sure I would love it, but still cautious.
The delivery, I was able to schedule it, which was very handy for us, we were able to get it on a day my partner was home. The delivery men were really nice and brought it into our apartment. It coming in boxes was so much more convenient, we had bought a sofa some time ago that would not fit our apartment’s staircase and we couldn’t get it in, that’s when we began looking up modular sofas.
Building the sofa was pretty easy, some parts we struggled for a moment, but that was user error vs any issue with the couch.
We were a bit disappointed to find out that wireless charging wasn’t a thing with the couch anymore, however, we just bought a wireless charger to put in the armrest anyway, so the plugs are still super convenient.
The amount of space we have in our living room now is insane. The storage, has been able to hide practically all of our clutter. We have foam gym mats for our daughter, they all fit in the couch, all our board games, and colouring books… and we still have 3/4 on one seat’s worth of storage left. We have the two seater + ottoman.
The storage in the arm rest is so convenient, clever, really. No more end tables that become doom piles for those of us with adhd. Now I have a gremlin cubby I can keep all of my stuff in! I can even hold my drinks in it so my baby doesn’t grab and steal them anymore from my end table and spill them - let alone the convenience of the cup holders too for my closed drinks, great quality as well.
I can keep going on and on and on about this couch, because it’s just that amazing.
Don’t even get me started on the stain proofing… my daughter had gotten ketchup chips hands all over the ottoman not even 30 minutes after setting it up! Wiped right off! Not an easy feat. This morning my baby had put a strawberry piece on the couch that went unnoticed and was sat on. Squishing strawberry juices all over the spot. Strawberry is so hard to get out of fabric, I thought for sure that it was already going to have a stain on it.
No way was this one coming out - they have strawberry stains on a few of their clothes, even if washed out right away, it’s just stubborn… it wiped right off this couch! I was flabbergasted. Don’t be scared of the price if you have kids and are worried that they’ll stain it or something, because this is like magic.
The seats are sturdy but squishy enough to be comfortable. The fabric is very soft, that’s what my daughter keeps complimenting about the sofa “it’s so soft mommy.”
The convenience of the trays in the armrests as well, whoever thought of that, thank you. It’s amazing. My daughter loves to eat her snacks on the couch there now. It’s her favourite part.

Connecting to the app was a bit of a hassle though, not gonna lie, my partner and I were getting pretty frustrated and then it just worked, so we didn’t question it. The lights are really cool and it comes with presets that are really nice and you can customize the lights too. Can customize how bright they are as well, which I hadn’t even thought of before buying the couch, but is a great touch.

So far everyone is jealous of our couch, and I don’t blame them! I would be too, hah.

Take the leap of faith.
I don’t regret it.