5-In-1 Furniture

It's a sofa, side table, coffee table, storage dresser, and bookshelf all together.

  • Rezy Storage Sofa

    Instant De-Clutter

    Get 2X the storage capacity of other storage sofas. Place your throw blanket and other large items in the seat storage. No more cluttered living room.

  • Rezy Sofa armrest storage with electronic devices charging inside

    Convenient Storage

    Put snacks, books, and loose items in the sofa's split compartment storage while charging your devices with wireless charging and power outlets.

  • Sophisticated wood tray table on Rezy Sofa

    Fold-out Table

  • Built in cupholders on Rezy Modular Sectional Sofa

    Marble & Wood Cupholders

  • smart lighting on Rezy Sofa

    Smart Lighting

  • Rezy sectional layouts GIF

    Modular Sectional

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  • "You don’t need a separate table and storage, as this sofa includes them all."

  • "For those seeking out a way to maximize the function and form of their home."

More To Come

We are a furniture store that aims to create modern and advanced modular sofas. We are developing modules & add-ons that make the sofa even better to live with, and they will be compatible with the current sofa.