For Living, For You

We developed the Rezy Sofa by closely examining the way we use our living rooms.

You'll find that using the sofa is an effortless experience. There's no learning process or adjustments required; simply relax and allow the sofa to take care of everything.


Unlock Full Potential

  • Traditional Living Room

    Nearly all valuable space is filled with furniture, leaving just enough room to sit.

  • Rezy Living Room

    The Rezy Sofa replaces the space-hogging furniture. So now you have room for that exercise bike or anything you were holding back because you didn't have enough space.

  • Materials

    The sofa's main frames utilize thick solid wood, but the same material would take up too much space in the armrest. Instead, we used a thin, strong material that turns the armrest wall into the frame, engineered plywood. Although more costly, it makes armrest storage possible.

  • Electronics

    We developed software and hardware to make the ambient lighting dynamic and integrated.

    Our app allows our customers to experience continuous updates and improvements to the lighting. It is a sofa that can improve even after purchasing.

  • Outside the Box

    Having a stationary table is easy, but being able to stow away when you don't need it adds complexity. We took inspiration from the aviation industry and settled on the design with the least amount of moving parts, increasing stability.

  • Repairability

    We want our customers to enjoy the sofa for as long as possible, so we made sure they are repairable in the rare case that something breaks down the road. Parts can be easily repaired or replaced thanks to the extra steps taken to create reversible manufacturing.

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The Journey Begins

What you saw in a furniture store a couple of years ago will still be selling at the same store today, often with a price hike.

We are here to bring more usable innovation to you. The Rezy Sofa is the foundation of many exciting things to come.

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