Toronto skyline

The all-in-one idea

In metropolitan cities like Toronto, apartments are getting smaller and prices continue to rise. Space is more and more valuable.

The best way to create space is to combine everything in the living room into a single piece of furniture, a piece of furniture that we use every day, the sofa.

Photos of early prototypes of the Rezy Sofa using solid wood and engineered plywood

Taking things into our own hands

We didn’t limit ourselves to traditional sofa-making methods and designed the Rezy Sofa from the ground up.

We optimized everything down to the orientation of a single screw, allowing for more functionality and better user experience.

Photos of the factory building the Rezy Sofa


We worked with our manufacturers to fine tune the design for reliability and comfort, combining decades of furniture building experience with a new idea. After a series of manufacturing testing, productions began.

The Rezy Sofa is here

After two years in the making, the Rezy Sofa is born.

A sofa that can open up your living room, giving you more ways to enjoy your home.

  • Practical Innovation

    Innovation needs to be practical. We are here to build things that have improves day-to-day living.

  • One Big Family

    It is our focus to make your living more comfortable, convenient, and fun. We go above and beyond to make our Rezy Family happy.