Trending Interior Design Ideas 2022

Today, designs are a hybrid of many design styles. As a result, it’s less about pinpointing the exact “interior style” but more about the overall theme, function, and feel of the space.


With busier-than-ever lifestyles, it’s essential to have a place to wind down after everything. Minimalism helps you stay in control. Only keep important, functional, and well-designed items for your daily needs. Get higher quality, adaptable things that you can stick with even when you upsize or downsize in the future. These are beneficial to the environment and will be less costly in the long run.


Ever feel surprisingly relaxed when you take a stroll in the woods? Our minds are wired to be intrinsically at peace with nature. You can bring nature home using furniture, décor, and colors. Use furniture and décor with exposed natural materials (wood, stone, sand, etc.) and earthy colors such as green and brown combined with floral pops of color to help you reconnect with nature.

Marble is a trendy material to use at home. It has beautiful patterns that are artworks of nature and elevates the space. Popular applications include walls, showers, countertops, kitchen islands, and kitchen backsplash.


Technology provides convenience and new experiences. Smart homes are more relevant than ever before. Smart blinds and smart thermostats help you save heating and cooling costs; smart kitchen appliances can prepare your dinner when you get home from work, and smart lighting can instantly change the feel of your home. Although it can be expensive to implement all at once, you can start small with one thing and expand as you need.




Many workplaces are transitioning to a hybrid work style where people work partly in the office and partly at home. It brings flexibility to work but increases the functional demand of your home.

While the simplest way is to have a dedicated office space in your home, many apartments and small houses do not have the luxury of extra space. Therefore, the second best alternative is to turn the dining/living room into a hybrid office space. Try to avoid using the bedroom as the office as it may interfere with resting. The must-haves of a home office are proper lighting, a table, a seat, and storage.

The dining/living rooms are usually the most well-lit places in the home, with ceiling lights and natural light. The table and seat can be satisfied with a dining table, but it can quickly become messy because there won’t be anywhere to store work-related items at the end of the day. A less messy solution would be to set up a work table with storage by a living room wall. This may mean replacing a smaller media console and getting multi-function furniture such as a storage sofa to make space for a workstation.


Health is important. Having a space to work out at home is convenient, clean, and less costly than paying expensive monthly memberships at the local gym. Most exercises can be done with a yoga mat and dumbbells, while some might opt for more dedicated machinery such as exercise bikes. The best place to work out at home is in the living room with a TV and open space.

An excellent way to clear out space for a “gym” in the living room is to have a smaller or no coffee table. It opens up the living room significantly and reduces the chance of injury.

Living Big, in a Small Space

Living smaller is more sustainable, cozy, and lighter on the bank account. It has become the go-to choice for new home buyers. High-quality, multi-functional furniture and efficient design can make a small space feel big.

The Rezy Sofa turns the living room into a multi-functional space. Its table, seat, and storage transforms the living room into an office. In addition, it can replace all the furniture in the living room to clear space for your home gym; when you are done at the end of the day, everything stores away back into the storage compartments to turn your multi-function room back into a cozy living room.

Living small doesn’t have to be limiting. It just requires being efficient with the use of space.

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